Reproductive Rights

We believe that equitable affordable access to reproductive rights is not only part of basic, necessary healthcare, but a human right. Our goal is to advocate for healthcare policies that protect reproductive rights for all patients, and make access to abortion, birth control and healthcare more accessible.

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Providing Care Post Dobbs: Legal Considerations for Clinicians Slides

Law Experts Argue That Abortion Drug Withdrawal Would ‘Undermine’ The Approval Process

Why Texas Is Able to Ban Abortion Pills for Entire U.S. – Newsweek

Action Alert for Reproductive Justice – Andrea Contreras

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Doctors for America members work to make our health care system more just and equitable for all, acting to erase inequities based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexuality, age, immigration status, and more. DFA doctors, medical students, and health advocates are themselves diverse and care for patients from an incredible diversity of backgrounds – achieving health justice and eliminating health inequity are core parts of our mission.

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