Reproductive Rights

We believe that equitable affordable access to reproductive rights is not only part of basic, necessary healthcare, but a human right. Our goal is to advocate for healthcare policies that protect reproductive rights for all patients, and make access to abortion, birth control and healthcare more accessible.

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Sexual and Gender Health

We believe that Gender Affirming Care saves lives. As we see a rise in legislation attempting to limit and criminalize this important aspect of medicine, we hope to fight to protect the health and and well-being of transgender and nonbinary youth by supporting legislation that protects gender affirming care.
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Decriminalization and Liberation

We believe that decriminalization with the goal of complete abolition of harmful and oppressive systems is necessary in the liberation of Black, indigenous, immigrant and other marginalized communities.
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Chair and Vice Chair

Han-Yu Stephanie Liou, MD


Subhjit Sekhon

Vice Chair

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