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Federal Legislation and Regulation

Federal Legislation and Regulation at Doctors for America works on all issues pertaining to health care at a national level including Drug Affordability and Medicaid's ability to negotiate drug pricing. This action team is committed to working toward solutions to today’s out of control drug prices, which are preventing so many of our patients from accessing the treatments they need to lead healthy and productive lives.
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Medicaid Expansion

At Doctors for America we know how important Medicaid expansion is for our patients. That’s why we’re committed to advocating for Medicaid expansion in the ten states that have not yet expanded Medicaid.

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Transformational Health Care

Transformational Health Care at Doctors for America believes the primary focus of health reform has been on universal, equitable, affordable care - critical, but insufficient. Doctors know that even if we get everyone covered, we need to transform the delivery system - it’s too complex for patients and providers. Primary care is neglected. Transparency is lacking. And then there’s the EMR.
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Chair and Vice Chair

Eric Sullivan, MD


Raj Reddy, MD-PhD Candidate

Vice Chair

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