DFA supports the ending of Title 42

Stop Expelling Asylum Seekers under Title 42

This Immigrant Heritage month, we are reminded of the challenges many migrants continue to face at the border as a result of the harmful Title 42-based order. This order was originally issued by the CDC in March 2020 under pressure from the Trump administration. The Biden administration and CDC have continued this policy, which uses false public health justification to expel people seeking asylum in the US.

Adults and families arriving at the border are turned away point blank, without any chance to state their asylum claims. The health and human rights consequences have been disastrous. Families are forced to return to the dangers from which they fled, or to live in perilous conditions in Mexican border towns with high rates of violence and kidnapping.

As the health sector, we have an important role to play in demanding the Title 42 order be rescinded immediately – we can use public health powers for health NOT harm.


This action is no longer available. Check out our Action Center to take action today!

Immigrant Health Justice