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March 10, 2023

Makena Statement

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, over a decade after accelerated approval and nearly three years since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended withdrawal, Covis announced that it will withdraw its application for FDA approval of its drug to prevent preterm birth, Makena, and enter into a 21 week wind-down from the market. Doctors for America’s FDA Task Force supports the decision to remove this drug from the market, as its manufacturer has not been able to demonstrate meaningful clinical benefit. Further, we hope this case will help reaffirm the need for continuous review of and modifications to the FDA’s accelerated approval process such that the agency can take timely action to prevent prolonged clinical uncertainty for clinicians and their patients.      

Last October, an independent expert FDA advisory committee voted that Makena should be removed from the market. Eight years after the treatment was granted accelerated approval by FDA based on the suggestion that it was “reasonably likely” to reduce the proportion of women delivering before 37 weeks, the post-approval confirmatory trial failed to verify any effect on this primary endpoint. Now after over ten years of profit during which the FDA has repeatedly requested the manufacturer voluntarily withdraw the drug from the market given the lack of evidence of improvement in maternal or neonatal outcomes, the manufacturer has finally agreed to do so. As the FDA also noted, such a withdrawal will enable the manufacturer to conduct additional robust, placebo-controlled trials should they wish to adequately verify clinical benefit in representative patient populations and resubmit an application. This arduous process to remove an unproven drug from the market has showcased the many challenges associated with the accelerated approval pathway. 

We hope that the reforms passed by Congress last year as part of the Food and Drug Omnibus Reform Act (FDORA) will strengthen FDA’s authority to streamline the withdrawal process and protect patients from drugs where meaningful clinical benefit has not been demonstrated. 

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