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This story portal includes physicians from across the country sharing their patient stories in their own words via video and prose with the goal of spreading awareness about this injustice and advocating for meaningful policy reform at the local, state, and national level.

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Dr. Bob Larsen

Storytelling for Access to Safe Abortions

Dr. Bob Larsen shares why reproductive rights are so important to his patients.

Andrea Contreras

Storytelling for Access to Safe Abortions

DFA Copello Fellow, Dr. Andrea Contreras, OBGYN who is part of the Reproductive Justice Corp under the Health Justice and Equity group, shares a personal story which highlights the importance of access to safe abortion care.

Kareen Constant

Elijah Cummings Lower Drug Act

Kareen Constant, a medical student, shares a story about skipping her medications because she cannot afford her medicines. She calls on Congress to pass H.R. 3, Elijah Cummings Lower Drug Act.

Uzma Z. Hussain

H.R. 3 to Lower Drug Costs

Uzma Z. Hussain, a medical student in Washington D.C., shares a story of her hypertensive father who can’t afford the drugs he needed. She calls on Congress to pass H.R. 3, to lower drug costs.

Justen Ahmad

Abortion Care Testimony

Medical student Justen Ahmad encourages everyone who cares about access to safe and necessary medicine to speak up and work to create laws at the state and federal level to codify and protect access to abortion.

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