Press Release: Doctors for America’s FDA Task Force Physician Lead Dr. Reshma Ramachandran Serves as Expert Witness, Offers Congressional Testimony on FDA Reform


February 3, 2022 

Washington, D.C.: TODAY, Doctors for America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Task Force Physician Lead, Dr.  Reshma Ramachandran testified before the United States House of Representatives Energy and Commerce  Subcommittee on Health’s hearing on, “FDA User Fee Reauthorization: Ensuring Safe and Effective Drugs and Biologics.”  

Dr. Ramachandran was the only physician and patient advocate tapped as a witness. Flanked by pharmaceutical industry  executives, Dr. Ramachandran’s voice was integral in sharing strategies to support and strengthen transparency at the  FDA. Doctors for America is spearheading the effort to ensure that the Federal Government commits to putting patients  over politics and industry profits. 

The hearing was called as the clock is ticking for Congress to reauthorize the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA), the  law governing much of FDA’s operations, in September of this year. Doctors for America is working to ensure that this  legislation is amended to: improve the safety of treatment approvals and clinical trials; increase transparency and access  to the FDA; and ensure patient health is considered at every stage of the process. You can review Dr. Ramachandran’s full  written testimony here

The hearing today reaffirms the important work Doctors for America is focused on: reforming and improving the FDA to  increase patient safety and transparency.  

Doctors for America is proud to share that they received a grant from Arnold Ventures to aid their work on FDA reform  and they will be re-establishing the FDA taskforce. Today’s hearing kicks off a national effort to recruit leading medical  professionals to join Doctors for America to expand the FDA Task Force’s roster.  

If you are a medical professional who is interested in: 

  1. Advocating for patient-centered regulatory reform, 
  2. Working with experts and renowned patient and consumer advocacy organizations,  
  3. Educating clinicians and policymakers on the impact of the regulatory process, 
  4. Ensuring drugs and devices are safe and affordable,  

Please email DFA’s Executive Director, Angie Bakke ([email protected]). 

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