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Doctors for America has an exciting new grant with Made to Save. Part of that grant is identifying people in various communities, with specific demographics or specialities of practice, who would be willing to speak at events about the COVID vaccine. No prior experience is necessary; DFA will provide tools, training and even another COVID-committee buddy to help you out!

800+ Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals Call on Facebook to Disclose its Data

A group of 800+ doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are taking action to combat the rampant, harmful COVID-19 disinformation and misinformation on Facebook. This group has put out a public call for the platform to disclose all data about the scope, reach, and content of COVID-19 disinformation and its impact. COVID-19 disinformation has spread like wildfire on Facebook – prolonging the pandemic, undermining public health and costing lives. Full transparency and access to Facebook’s data is required for public health experts to understand the extent of the COVID-19 disinformation crisis and address the ongoing threat. This letter further details the harms of misinformation and implores Facebook to share its data with independent public health researchers so they can study it, evaluate its impact, and recommend solutions to the company and the public health community.

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