Press Release: Doctors for America Supports State-Based Universal Health Care Act

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Doctors for America applauds the recent reintroduction of Representative Ro Khanna’s State-Based Universal Health Care Act, HR 3775. This bill would capitalize on the role of states as policy incubators by creating a waiver that would allow states to develop their own plans to provide universal healthcare to their residents.

As Congress continues to debate healthcare and prescription affordability measures and build upon the successes of the Affordable Care Act, many states find themselves in the position to act to expand coverage and insure the millions of Americans who still find themselves without insurance. Nationwide, an estimated 30 million people are uninsured. The State-Based Universal Healthcare Act would help to change that.

“Over the course of the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into stark view the deficiencies of the American healthcare system. As physicians, our members witness again and again the difficulties faced by our patients who lack access to quality healthcare. The passage of Representative Khanna’s bill would open the door to addressing the constraints of our current healthcare system, and ensure that millions of Americans gain access to the healthcare they need,” said Dr. Krishnan Narasimhan, President and Board Chair of Doctors for America.

Doctors for America urges the United States House and Senate to consider and pass HR 3775, the State-Based Universal Health Care Act, with expediency. It is time to put patients over politics, and ensure that all Americans have access to the healthcare they need. This legislation is a crucial first step toward that worthwhile goal.

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