Meet with your Senator about H.R. 3

Meet with Your Senator

It is important that federal legislators act now to address drug costs once and for all – and you can help. The reintroduction of HR3 in early May included key provisions, including:

  • Allowing the HHS secretary to negotiate prices for Medicare
  • Limiting the increase of prescription drug prices above inflation
  • Addressing the lack of transparency with manufacturer prices

As you know, the U.S. Senate in particular has presented major obstacles in getting drug legislation passed, and you are represented by a Senator who may ultimately be the deciding vote on whether or not H.R. 3 passes. These Senators include:

  • Sen. Mark Kelly, Arizona
  • Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona
  • Sen. John Hickenlooper, Colorado
  • Sen. Tom Carper, Delaware
  • Sen. Chris Coons, Delaware
  • Sen. Angus King, Maine
  • Sen. Maggie Hassan, New Hampshire
  • Sen. Joe Manchin, West Virginia

The Doctors for America staff is in communication with each of these Senators’ offices – but these Senators need to hear from their constituents, and that’s where you come in. We plan to set up meetings to connect DFA advocates living in these constituencies with their Senators, and we need to know if you are interested in joining us. Please fill out the form below to let us know if you’re interested and about your availability.

This action is no longer available. Check out our Action Center to take action today!

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