Introducin​g the ACA pocket card

With the open-enrollment period closing in a few short weeks, we all need to know what that means for our patients. As a second year medical student, I felt like I knew something about the policy changes implemented in the ACA, but I had no idea what to say if a patient or family member asked me how to sign up. After sitting in on a presentation by a Doctors for America Illinois State Director, Dr. Ram Krishnamoorthi, I was amazed at how simple the process was. I wanted everyone to know! So, as part of the effort to educate students and providers about the Affordable Care Act, I partnered with doctors from the University of Chicago to create an ACA pocket reference card

Stick it in your white coat and learn what you need to know about the ACA. Learn how to screen patients for health insurance, answer basic questions, and point them in the right direction!

Download this pocket card!

To give you a sense of the card’s success to date, here is a short story about how a University of Chicago student used the pocket card.

“Just wanted to let you know that one of the MS1s (Lola) ran up to me today to tell me that she used the pocket card with a pregnant patient with several health complications who is totally eligible for coverage but didn’t have any.  Quote:

“The card works just like you said. I called the number and now a Navigator is coming to the shelter next week! They know so much. I’m really glad that you had that meeting.”

Really, you should download and distribute it!

It is crunch time now and there are so many people out there, just like this one, who need encouragement and information about how they can get covered! Print out the pocket reference card and share it with your patients! Use this to answer your own questions and get educated!

Aaron Silver

P.S. We are working on pocket cards for specific states. If you would like to partner in this process, please email [email protected]. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the DFA National Leadership Conference, I will be there too!

Aaron Silver is a medical student of the Loyola Stritch School of Medicine and a member of Illinois Doctors for America.

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