#DoNoHarm Medical Student Day of Action

On Tuesday, medical students from around the country joined together to stand in solidarity with the millions of Americans whose lives would be endangered by the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Students conducted teach-ins, rallies, and public protests to highlight the catastrophic consequences of repealing the ACA.

In addition to raising awareness, students demanded that members of Congress take a stand against repeal proposals that threaten the health and wellbeing of patients at risk. Collectively, students pledged to fight to protect and expand healthcare access for millions of Americans who depend on the law.

It is outrageous that Congress and the administration would act to cause 43,000 unnecessary deaths per year. Take a look below at some of the events and activities medical students participated in across the country as part of the effort to demand Congress #DoNoHarm.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Students took advantage of cancelled classes to participate in three workshops (letter writing, phone banking, and know-your-rights training) before attending a teach-in that focused on the effects of the ACA on patients and the harmful impact of repeal.

After spending the morning learning about the ACA, students marched to the New York City die-in where they formed part of the 300 medical students who participated. (c/o Reena Karani, [email protected])

Morsani College of Medicine

Despite last-minute planning, over 15 students came together to call their representatives and demand they protect the ACA. (c/o Sarah Iqbal, [email protected])

Weill Cornell Medical College

Students joined together in a march that ended in the Belfer Research Building for a “sit-in” before continuing to march to the New York City die-in. (c/o Chris Gamboa, [email protected])

Western University of Health Sciences

Over 60 students came together for a “teach-in” about the history of healthcare in the United States and possible future directions. The students then joined together to write postcards to their representatives. (c/o Hardeep Kaur Singh, [email protected])


Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Around 25 students jointed together for a rally in support of the ACA and pledged future actions to contact representatives and hospital administrators. (c/o [email protected])


University of Maryland School of Medicine

15 students came together to phone bank in support of the ACA and against the nomination of Rep. Tom Price. Students also started planning a Baltimore-wide community forum to discuss health justice and graduate student activism. (c/o Owen Lee Park, [email protected])

Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Around 20 students joined together for a die-in in solidarity with patients endangered by repeal of the ACA. (c/o Dylan Hanami, [email protected])


Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

Approximately 100 students rallied together to protect the ACA and discuss the importance of accessible and affordable healthcare. (c/o Pratiksha Yalakkishettar, [email protected])


University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine

Over 30 students made 200 calls in support of the ACA and to protest the nomination of Rep. Tom Price as well as the executive order on immigration. (c/o Erin Duralde)


University of Washington School of Medicine

Approximately 25 students, faculty, and staff came together to share stories of how the ACA impacted their lives, families, and patients. In addition, students created a digital tool for students to call from around the the WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) region, as many of students are not based in Seattle. Each participant called Senator Lisa Murkowski’s office, because WWAMI students potentially rotate in Alaska and care for Alaskans who are transported to both the Harborview and University of Washington hospitals. (c/o James Wykowski, [email protected])


Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

40 students joined together to rally in support of the ACA and close to 60 students signed letters sent to local representatives in support of the ACA. (c/o Hoff Nathan, [email protected])


Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Around 175-200 students joined together to rally together in support of the ACA. (c/o Kathryn Linder, [email protected])

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

Nearly 25 percent of the entire medical student body attended a lunch talk in support of the ACA that focused on healthcare payment options; how to protect future patients; and how to advocate as medical students. (c/o Charlene Gaw, [email protected])


Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Over 50 students came together in a show of solidarity for patients who are threatened by repeal of the ACA. (c/o Elisa Giusto, [email protected])

Geisel School of Medicine

Nearly half of the medical student body came together to learn about the ACA and effects of repeal from Dr. Eliot Fisher, who helped write the ACA. (c/o Megan LaPorte, [email protected])


University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

41 students came together to write representatives in support of the ACA and discuss future activism efforts. (c/o Akshaya Arjunan, [email protected])

Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

About 50 students at Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School gathered at a community forum Monday as part of a nationwide day of action to support patients at risk of losing health insurance coverage. Read more from the Providence Journal here

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