Docs Run!

As physicians and medical students on the front lines of our healthcare system, Doctors for America members seek to empower one another to make change possible. They amplify their voices — anchored in their experiences with patients — to improve the healthcare system for everyone. Which is why we at Doctors for America, a nonpartisan nonprofit made up of almost 16,000 physicians and medical students in all 50 states (plus 2.5 staff members), spend our time fighting to make sure everyone has access to high-quality, affordable health care.

We spend such a big portion of our time and money as patients and physicians treating preventable medical diseases. In order to combat those diseases, doctors, med students, and the Affordable Care Act focuses on prevention.

But I’m sure you’ve already heard all that.

So, instead of just sitting in exam rooms preaching the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle, our Doctors for America members are going to set a good example.

In the spirit of practicing what we preach, Doctors for America has started a “Docs Run” campaign which will allow us to promote our prevention and wellness beliefs while recruiting and organizing teams of physicians to participate in charity-sponsored races nationwide.

Interested in becoming a running doctor/med student? Email us.

Our first Docs Run endorsed race is the Moonlight Run & Walk tomorrow, Friday, September 28th in Palo Alto, CA with proceeds benefiting the Arbor and Pacific Free Clinics and Doctors for America. We’ve put together a handy website with all the information and tools you’ll need to join our race. We’ve already had 55 amazing people sign up to run—will you join us?

Can’t make it to the race but would still like to make a contribution to support the Arbor and Pacific Free Clinic and Doctors for America? You can support our running doctors and med students by donating on runner Rich Joseph’s fundraising page. Rich is a Stanford medical student who created the Docs Run campaign and will be running in tomorrow’s race.

Together we can make sure our communities and future are healthy and full of running shoes.



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