DFA – April 2019 Round-Up

DFA Round Up – April 2019


DFA hosted a Web-Talk with multiple experts to discuss federal and state initiatives to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Click to hear the recording

DFA joined Speaker Pelosi at a press conference celebrating the 9th anniversary of the ACA

DFA medical studentsparticipated in the US House Labor Committee hearing titled “Addressing the Public Health Emergency of Gun Violence”

DFA Board Member and MD-PhD student Justin Lowenthal, AMSA National President Perry Tsai, MD, PhD, and Matt Moy, MDjoined Leana Wen, MD of Planned Parenthood calling on Congress to protect Title X


DFA board member Don Mathis penned an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun on the effects drug courts have on curbing opioid use

Medical student Jenny Wen, a member of the DFA Maryland/Hopkins chapters and an MD and MPH student at Johns Hopkins University penned an op-ed in the Baltimore Sunand an LTE on treatment of substance use disorder in prisons


Dr Deruelle met with his US Senator to discuss observation status


Dr Luedecke joined the Giffords organization calling for universal background checks to help curb gun violence

Dr Lalani joined his colleagues to advocate for lower cost and health coverage expansion in the Texas Legislature

Dr Lalanipenned an op-ed in the Dallas News of the need to expand Medicaid in Texas


Dr Webbwill address graduates from the College and Graduate Schools of Arts & Sciences at the University of Virginia 


Medical student Jean Changtestified in support of SB 5822, which is a bill to create a pathway for universal health care in the state

University of Washington medical students Tim Kelly and Jean Changjoined Dr Plymate, Dr Koshy, and Dr Weakland to testify in support ofuniversal health care in their state

Drug Pricing, Value, and Affordability Campaign

DFA joined several organizations calling for federal solutions to stem rising prescription costs

DFA signed on to a Fair Drug Pricing Statement of Principles 

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