ACA vote set

Senate leadership has announced they will plan to bring the Graham-Cassidy-Heller bill to the floor next week.

The stakes are high for millions of patients currently benefiting from life-saving coverage. This bill causes 32 million people to lose health insurance, converts the traditional Medicaid program to a per capita cap, ends the Medicaid expansion and allows states to gut key consumer protections for people with pre-existing conditions. In short, this bill is a lethal prescription for health care and we cannot allow this version of care to become reality.

The vote is set but this is far from over. Let’s make sure Congress knows that doctors and medical students stand in unified opposition to this latest repeal effort.

Here are three things you can do over the next few days to help kill this devastating bill.

Calls are a top priority. We need to drive as many calls as possible into Senate offices ahead of the vote, especially if you live in a target state. We also need to start driving calls into the House of Representatives.

  • Find contact information for target state Senators (AK, AR, AZ, CO, IA, KS, LA, NC, ND, NV, ME, OH, SD, TN WI, WV)
  • Contact your Representative and Senator by dialing 202-224-3121.
  • If you are in a blue state, click here to use this tool to make calls to allies in red states to encourage them to get involved.

Members of Congress will be back home in their districts over the next few days. This is the perfect time to visit them and make your voice heard. Request a meeting with your member of Congress or connect with partners for events on the ground.

The following tool kit contains resources gathered from our partners across the country. Find talking points, background and resources to help you engage in your district and online.

We have a short window to make an impact but I know what is possible when we come together and elevate our voices for what is right. Let’s join together to defeat ACA repeal one more time– for the millions of patients in your care.

In solidarity,

Shalini Pammal

Board Member

Affordable Care Act